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Narrative and Poetic Versions of the Davidic Covenant
The Davidic Covenant is a central element within the Christian Bible and the Christian faith. The Hebrew Bible contains many presentations of the Davidic Covenant. Besides the frequent interaction with the Davidic Covenant in the books of the Prophets, there are several narrative and poetic versions.
Compare the narrative interpretations of the giving of the covenant itself in the books of Samuel and Chronicles. Also compare David’s version in private to Solomon and his public version at a major gathering late in his life.
Read Second Samuel 23:1-7 for an account of David’s own poetic interpretation of the covenant God made with him. What things characterize David’s view of God’s commitment?
Compare the several poetic interpretations of the Davidic Covenant from the singers of Israel and Judah—Psalms 2, 72, 89, 110, 132. What does each one add to David’s last poem (2 Sam 23:1-7)?
Summarize the basic elements of the Davidic Covenant from the narrative and poetic versions in the Hebrew Bible. What aspects of the covenant contribute to the Christian understanding of a Davidic king?

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