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Reflecting on David’s Speech in First Chronicles 28
David’s sin with the census is the last story in the book of Samuel. The Chronicler also tells the story but adds that the threshing floor is the site of the temple David’s son would build. This is followed by a large block of new material (the largest section of new material in Chronicles) about David making preparations for the temple—materials, plans, structure of Levitical leaders, and instructions to Solomon and the people.
Compare David’s speech to Solomon in First Chronicles 22 and his speech to all Israel in chapter 28. What is the same? What is different?
David’s address reflects numerous ideas found elsewhere in the scriptures. What does “rest” and “footstool” in 28:2 mean in light of Numbers 10:35-36; Psalm 132 (see esp. 132:8, 14); Isaiah 66:1-2?
In 22:8 and 28:3, the Chronicler provides some new reasons for why David was unable to build the temple. What are the reasons Nathan stated for David not to build the temple in Second Samuel 7:1-17? What are the reasons in First Chronicles 22:8 and 28:3? Why is this ironic in light of how “rest” is achieved in the previous question about rest above?
Read 28:4. David presents the telescopic election of Judah, Jesse, David. Read 28:4; Genesis 49:8, 10; 1 Chronicles 5:1-2; Psalm 78:68-70; Isaiah 11:1. New is the election of Solomon—found only here, read 28:5, 6, 10; 29:1. This election is a pre-birth election 22:9.
Compare the reference in the following table to see the similarity between the manner in which Moses and David acquire plans for the tabernacle and temple.[1]


Tabernacle for Moses

Temple for David

the “pattern” for the shrine

Exod 25:9, 40

1 Chron 28:11-12

concerning the furnishings



How did David secure plans for the temple?

Read 28:20 and compare it with Deuteronomy 31:7, 23; Joshua 1:6; 1 Kings 2:1-4; Deuteronomy 1:21; 31:8; Joshua 8:1. What are the similar elements? What is the significance of these similarities? Also compare 28:9-10 with 22:12-13.

[1] See discussion of parallels in Knoppers, AB, 940.

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