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Re-presenting the Davidic Covenant in Chronicles
The Chronicler rewrote the story of the rise and fall of the Hebrew kingdom, written earlier in the books of Samuel and Kings. This activity is designed to illustrate some of the Chronicler’s agenda.
(1) Read Second Samuel 7:1-17 and First Chronicles 17:1-15 at least five times each. Take notes.
(2) When studying Rewritten Scripture, like Chronicles, you need to figure out: What’s the same? What’s deleted? What’s added? What is changed? What’s rearranged? And, why are all of these changes made? Make a chart, or another layout of your own design, which displays the differences between Second Samuel 7:1-17 and First Chronicles 17:1-15.
(3) Interpret. What do you think the Chronicler is trying to accomplish with his version of the Davidic Covenant? How does the Chronicler’s version of the Davidic Covenant function within a Christian interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, thus shaping Christian faith?

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