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Danger of Riches in Luke
The Gospel according to Luke places much emphasis on Jesus’ teaching concerning social responsibilities, especially poverty and wealth.
Compare the beatitudes and woes in Luke 6:20-26 to those in Matthew 5:1-12. How do those recorded in Luke show an emphasis for social concerns?
Read Luke 8:14; 12:13-21; 16:10-12, 19-31; 21:3-4. What are the specifics ideals concerning riches in Jesus’ teaching emphasized in Luke?
Carefully compare Luke’s account of the rich young ruler with the accounts in Matthew and Mark. What is unique to Luke’s version?
Read Luke 18:18-30 and 19:1-10. How do the emphases you noted in the previous two questions help you explain the difference between the rich young ruler who was told to give it all versus the rich tax collector who only gave half? What else do these two narratives show demonstrate concerning the riches and salvation?

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