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To Study a Gospel Sermon in Acts

(1) Read Comparing the Sermons in Acts.

(2) Select one of the sermons in Acts, namely, Peter’s Pentecost sermon (2:14-36), Peter’s temple sermon (3:12-26), Peter and John before the Sanhedrin and their associates response (4:1-22, 23-31), Stephen’s defense (7:1-60), Peter’s message at Cornelius’ house (10:23-48), Paul’s sermon at Pisidon Antioch (13:13-41), Paul’s sermon at Athens (17:16-34). Read it several times, taking notes. Summarize the message of the sermon, and explain how it fits into the book of Acts.

(3) How is the sermon similar to others in Acts (see esp. Comparing the Sermons in Acts), and what is distinct about this one?

(4) Look up all cross referenced  passages in the sermon, especially to passages of the Hebrew Bible, making note of any places where the sermon contains either direct quotation or (what seems like) intentional allusion to the Hebrew Bible (use careful judgment). How does the passages function within their contexts in the Hebrew Bible? Summarize both how the preacher interpreted the passages, and how the context of the passage in the Hebrew Bible informs and strengthens the sermon’s message.

(5) What are the implications of the sermon for Christian readers?