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The Sin of Jeroboam

(Part 1) Read Exod 32:1-6; 1 Kgs 12:25-30, and take notes on the similarities and significance between the original sin of Israel and the original sin of the northern kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam. Read 1 Kgs 12-22; and 2 Kgs 1-16, taking notes on every time the sin of a northern Israelite king is compared to the sin of Jeroboam. How many of the northern Israelite kings are compared to Jeroboam? What is the point of this repetition? Read 2 Kgs 17 a couple of times taking notes on the explanation for the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel.
(Part 2) Indentify and explain the significance of the relationship between the sin of Israel at mount Sinai and the sin of Jeroboam. How does the sin of Jeroboam work itself out in the northern kingdom (see part 1)?

(Part 3) Why, according to the storymakers of the book of Kings, did the northern kingdom of Israel fall? What are the implications of the interpretation of the fall of Israel by the Kings storymakers, for the southern kingdom of Judah? And, for Christians?

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