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The Fatherhood of God
The fatherhood of God expresses several kinds of relationships. At one level to be a son of God means to be human in his image (Gen 5:1-3). God as father of Israel signifies that he would defend them and discipline them (Exod 4:21-23; Deut 8:5). God’s fatherly relationship with the Davidic dynasty likewise denoted the discipline a wayward king should expect (2 Sam 7:14-16). The people of God in Christ likewise are his children, meaning relationship and discipline (see Rom 8:13-17; Gal 4:1-7; Heb 12:4-13; 5:7-8).
The Psalms present God as father in several places. Read, reflect, and take notes on each of the following: Psalm 27 [especially verse 10]; Psalm 68:4-7; Psalm 89:20-29 [especially note verse 26]; Psalm 103 [especially note verse 13].
What do we learn about God as father in these psalms? What are the implications for Christian readers?

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