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Consider the Warning of the New Covenant
As the people prepare to cross the Jordan river, Moses gave them another covenant in addition to the one he presented them at mount Horeb (also called Sinai). It is worth considering the first half of this covenant in Deuteronomy 29 as it provides a basis to consider the warnings of the preachers of Israel and Judah. Moreover, the warning of judgment precedes the hopes of restoration in Deuteronomy 30—the other aspect of the new covenant.
How had God demonstrated his faithfulness to the people in 29:2-8?
Who bears witness to the covenant in 29:9-15?
Read 29:16-21. How would you describe the person’s problem in 29:19?
What s the function of the cities of the plain (Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim) in 29:22-28?
How does Deuteronomy 29 serve as a basis for the warning sermons of the preachers and prophets of Israel and Judah? What are the implications of God’s persistence in sending the preachers again and again (see selected texts)?

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